Giulia De Lellis and dinner, with Andrea Iannone in Milan, at the flirtation of the summer, missing only the official

After the meeting in the villa of him in Lugano, Giulia De Lellis and Andrea Iannone have been photographed together in Milan. Gabriel Parpiglia public on Instagram the photo of the note influencer dinner with the pilot and ex-boyfriend of Belén Rodriguez. With them at the table, there is also the brother of Giulia, sitting in front of Andrea. Is the first shot that shows the De Lellis in the company of Iannone in Milan, precisely inside of a well-known restaurant. The photos do not show any exchange romantic, yet it is evident that recently are spending much of their time.

The first words of Giulia about Iannone

“I am not betrothed,” thus De Lellis commented on the approach the course took place with Iannone, especially in the last period. During a recent evening at the disco, Questioned these about the friendship with the ex-boyfriend of Belén, he did not want to deny how romantic the be linked to Andrea. He has taken advantage also to clear up any gossip related to the presence of the ex-mate Andrea Damante in his life. “It was important and will always be,” he said, implying that the long bond that has held together for years is now concluded, at least under the profile sentimental.

The meeting with Iannone in Lugano

A week ago, Julia was a guest of Iannone for his villa in Lugano. The Instagram stories published by the two on social have shown that some of the videos posted in the network were recorded from the same place, the garden in front of the home of the pilot. For the moment, none of the two wanted to formalize this relationship. Giulia dodge questions on Andrea, while andrea Iannone, the less social of the influencer, he did it in a way that does not create such conditions as to be able to put a face to a question about his love life. After dinner in Milan, however, the official announcement could be close.