Giulia De Lellis and the book on the ‘horns’: “I wrote it to mourn for the dead I never cry”

‘The horns are good on everything’. Word of Giulia De Lellis, who has decided to put in black and white, his personal experience with betrayal (it is assumed Andrea Damante, which is over a year ago, even though she has never made his name).

This is the title of the first book of the influencers, in exit from the 17 September, which promises fascinating revelations about the history with the beautiful dj in verona. She does not anticipate anything, but on Instagram explains how the idea was born and especially since he chose to break the silence on a story that is so private and painful. “I received the call from Mondadori – he has told in his ig stories. I called the agency and they ask me if I want to write a book. From there a whole controversy that Giulia De Lellis has read two books in life, and it’s true, I’m not ashamed. However, Mondadori comes to me and does to this proposal. Let’s talk about this theme and I I didn’t want to put in the square my feelings. I have always been of the idea that the dirty clothes can be washed in the house. After a few months, come back and then I asked for the advice of a person very important to me”.

Giulia De Lellis announces his book: it’s raining criticisms on the web, but there are those who defends it

It’ was this person, of whom Giulia is not doing the name, to convince her: “The book tells a history of the past , and this person tells me to do it because it is right that I cry for the dead I never cry. When I happened to have these situations, I never said anything, I always thought of my work. By writing this story I can help someone who is living what I lived, so it might be interesting. According to me at the end was a blast”. And the wait is much.