Giulia De Lellis: “the Many influencers are sold, I am authentic”

The passion for fashion, relationships, with Andrea Iannone and Andrea Damante, all criticism of other influencers, that would often be “sold”,: Giulia De Lellis tells the story of Vanity Fair, and spares no barbs to co-workers. While it does not seem to stop the popularity of the former suitors of Men and Women, now webstar with an autobiographical book to his shoulders and a webseries with a lot of debut as an actress in the arrival, she speaks with much fluency of the category to which it belongs. To those critics, answers thus:

The truth? I think a lot of times he is right. Because a lot of my co-workers, not all but many, you sell and just. For five or ten thousand euros are ready to sponsor everything, even the things you don’t like, even those that do not, would never. Instead, my story teaches other: empathy and authenticity. […] Does not offend me if someone mistakes it for the surface. Offend me if someone gives me of sold. I have never shown, promoted or exposed to something that does not convince me, that I have not tried to before, that I have not loved myself. The honesty, the empathy, the authenticity of what I do, have brought me where I am. In how many can say the same thing? In those who really believe in hard work and love everything you promote? Maybe you should start from there, from the profound respect you have for what you do, to understand the change of social revolution, in the act, and maybe even a little bit of my talent.

How is born the passion for fashion

It is not clear to whom it refers, but De Lellis, once again, has no hairs on the tongue, as in the case in which he accused a mysterious rival (“If I talk about troubled families”), which many argued was Belen Rodriguez. At the base of his work, says the young lazio, there is a serious passion for fashion, that was born since the years of adolescence, when he was a student at high school: “My mother enrolled me at the high school. And I hate Greek and Latin. But it was the school closest to their home. And the other, that fashion, was only an hour and a half bus ride. So he sent me to lessons from a teacher, Simonetta. 50 euro per hour. I was angry with myself because I couldn’t digest the idea of her spending money for something that I liked. Then I did so: of the two hours spent every week with Simonetta, a the I spent with her, the other in the library under his house. It was a beautiful place: they were selling magazines and books on fashion, with lots of patterns and fabrics. A paradise for me. Shame that the afternoon Simonetta I gets there, asks me what I do and why my mother has not yet arrived. Collapses the castle of paper, I start crying, the whole story. She calls mama, and speak for half an hour while I wait in the hallway. The day after I moved from the high school classic to fashion school in an hour and a half on the bus.”

When Giulia has realized that with Damante was over

The inevitable question about the long engagement and Andrea Damante-born Men and Women, the program that has made known to the public. A story made even more “viral” thanks to the book “The horns are good on everything. But I was better off without you!” racconterebbe betrayal of him. Vanity Fair, however, Giulia reveals the exact moment when he realized that between them was over.

A relationship that does not work is always nasty. In 20 years, then, is the world coming to an end. I remember the exact moment when I figured it out: in Kenya, at the dawn of the morning to the spectacular. We were together, he and I, on a hot air balloon. Below us, the savannah, the animals, and breathtaking views. However I was watching it alone, even if he was there next to me. So close, so far away. In that moment I understood that love is not enough. I said to myself: welcome to the world of adults, Giulia!

Jealousy for Andrea Iannone

Today, the De Lellis is happy next to Andrea Iannone. She lives with him in Lugano, and has revealed his closeness in a after the motorcycle is finished under investigation for having been found positive at doping control. The work of he causes a lot of anxiety: “once, when I saw him fall I stopped the heart. On the track, the noise is deafening, I no longer felt anything. Then I saw him get up, I said to myself, it will be broken a finger or a leg, but at least he is alive. I feel bad always but I say it to him. Because passion is not something you nor stops. However, should not make me jealous, but not that”. In fact, it seems that some of the advances made to the boyfriend have scatrenato his wrath:

They are not ridiculous, but if certain women do not respect me, then I happened to give a shot to some of them. Luckily there was no one to take me home!