Giulia Measure and Pierluigi Gollini they got back together: “She is giving you another chance”

Giulia Measure and Pierluigi Gollini would be returned. It is how he writes the weekly Who’s in the number in newspaper stand this week. The singer of the duo Le Donatella, sister of Silvia, the Measure, and the goalkeeper of Atalanta they got back together after the last few difficult months, marked by the rupture which followed the participation of her Big Brother Vip. On the well-known magazine directed by Alfonso Signorini reads: “Giulia See and Pierluigi Gollini are drawing near again. She decided to give a new chance to the former”.

The rumors on the alleged betrayal

It was the weekly Spy, shortly after the rupture between the two, to speak of an alleged betrayal by Pierluigi. It seems that the footballer had cheated on his ex, encountering hidden a woman who knew him that he was already tied to another. The woman in question would answer to the name of the Blessed. The behind the scenes work that revealed the alleged betrayal told the story of an alleged flirt consumes itself in Sardinia, and then found out from the Steps:

While he was in Sardinia, the player met a beautiful pierre, with whom he spent a night. ‘Spy’ is put to the search of the girl he did lose the head-to-Gollini and has known the Blessed pierre of a local in the Costa Smeralda, which has not been able to resist the charm of the american conqueror. ‘Sin, however, that he had told me that was fiance‘: she says that he doesn’t want to know.

The announcement of the break

Was Giulia to announce the break-up with Gollini via social networks. Deeply disturbed, even without delving into the merits of the question, had said to be single session: “I’d rather be I say. I and Pierluigi, we left today. The reasons are personal. Surely every newspaper and blog will tell you what suits them, but the truth is, we know only I and Pierluigi. I ask the courtesy to respect my silence about it, and avoid food chatter useless”.