Giuseppe Conte in the beauty, that’s why the premier like

The premier Giuseppe Conte is highly sought after on Google and is the leader most appreciated of the Country. Knows him: “my popularity has increased due to the effect of the lockdown,” he said, referring to the climate of trust established with the residents during the quarantine between social, decrees, and appointments in the television Saturday evening.

According to a poll by Demos, made for the Republic, its popularity is supported by 60% of italians. This proportion of citizens would like to that the “advocate of the people” to remain in politics even at the end of the legislature.

After the victory brought home from Brussels for the Recovery Fund and the public release surprise with girlfriend Olivia Paladino on the occasion of the inauguration of the summer festival of cinema America, the premier, who turns 56 years old on August 8th, has sent in turmoil Google. The regions in which the Earl was most sought after in the network are Calabria, Puglia, Lazio, Marche and Basilicata, while the cities are Rome and Milan, as revealed by the latest research agency of digital marketing.

The premier draws attention to the political reasons of course, but, in reality, to generate appeal are also his private life, and the look. Moreover, there is no longer a simple chairman of the Board since the birth of pages on Facebook such as “girls Count” that, between irony and truth, and exalt the divinity of Giuseppi (as he calls Trump). From lawyer to sex symbol, the step is accomplished in no time and appreciate, especially the women sapiosexual, attracted to his handsome appearance and look maliardo, but especially by his position and intelligence.

The data are clear: among the related searches, like “girlfriend, Giuseppe Conte” with a +600% and the “Giuseppe Conte beard”, second only to “Count of Brussels”. That his girlfriend Olivia has charm it is a fact. Elegant, extremely discreet, blonde with those aesthetic traits that characterize the population of the countries called frugal that they gave a hard time to Count, Olivia comes from the high roman bourgeoisie. The father is Cesare Paladino, owner of the Plaza hotel. A refined beauty, accompanied by make-up nude simplicity dresses and total black.

And the premier what to say? His identikit beauty says: fine black hair with some white thread not worthy of note (someone says that it is a tinga) and tuft’s important that it follows the movement of the wind, but always with a certain rigor, face slightly pointed – when he smiles he has dimples -and look “fox”. As you will note in one photo (in the gallery) to his grooming routine is very basic, and riding on the aesthetics of honesty, the opposite of that of the French president Emmanuel Macron, who has spent 26,000 euros to a make-up artist, Natacha M., and cosmetics for man only in the first 100 days at the Elysee palace. As if to say: facts and not words, Count with its clean look wants to get away from fiction and from an overly built. Has a positive attitude very organized and reassuring smile. Is a man of fine appearance, a dandy next door with a good dose of self-confidence. The we can recommend only one good eye contour, to reduce those dark under-eye circles are often marked by the councils of ministers extended until late at night.