Gloria Camila Legal Action: Taking Legal Action Against Online Insults


Gloria Camila Ortega fights back against social media insults

Gloria Camila Ortega has announced legal measures against those who insult her on social media. After going through a complicated mental health moment, the young woman has decided to take action and her own lawyers have spoken on her behalf to inform that they will study the derogatory comments and messages in order to take legal action. Any user, account or social network that harasses a person by persistently and repeatedly doing so, thus altering the normal development of their daily life, is not exempt from a criminal penalty of 3 months to 2 years or a fine of twenty-four months.

Gloria Camila Ortega’s legal team’s goals

Gloria’s legal representatives assure that, after the “threats of death, harassment and discrimination by several users of various existing social networks” received in recent days, “this social network will be available to our client’s lawyers”. Their goal is “to make a deeper study and be able to report to the Police those users who have violated the morality of our client and the legality of the use of said network. Any video related to the subject and that has been spread in a derogatory manner will also be studied with determination”.

Gloria Camila Ortega’s source of income

On the other hand, this could mean a new economic setback, since her Instagram is one of her main sources of income. It is clear that Gloria, after the stage in which she was away from social media taking care of her mental health, has decided to take action and denounce all the people who have sent her attacks in the form of messages or comments.


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