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Got Talent Jury: Florentino Fernandez – “A Sweet Treat”

Celebrating 25 Years as a Professional

This is a very special year for Florentino Fernández: he has been a professional for 25 years and is about to celebrate his quarter of a century with his wife, Lidia. Apart from having participated in ‘Me resbala’, he will be the new judge of ‘Got Talent’, replacing Dani Martínez. In this ninth edition, Flo will be a judge with Paula Echevarría, Santi Millán, Edurne and Risto Mejide.

Combining Work and Fun

Soon: ‘Me resbala’ is more a continuous joke than a job… Florentino Fernández: We have a lot of fun. I will miss my colleagues a lot when it ends. He joins ‘Got Talent’ the new season and, despite the difficulty of combining it with his other job, he accepted the offer. He is getting along very well with Risto Mejide, who is a good guy, and the contestants listen to him despite his severe attitude.

25 Years of Marriage and a 20-Year-Old Son

On a personal level, Florentino congratulates himself that “I have been with my wife for 25 years and the balance is total happiness. I met her when we both worked on ‘Esta noche cruzamos el Mississippi’ and we started our relationship when we later coincided in ‘El informal’. We got married in Paris and we have a 20-year-old son,” he tells us. He has a great complicity with his son, who is very charismatic and funny, but also shy. Florentino would love to work with him, but his son is embarrassed. He does not understand how Florentino can be a comedian with the bad temper he has, but Florentino explains that he has to control his son to make sure he does his studies, homework and fulfills his obligations.



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