Grandfather Charles Changes Page’s Uniform to Protect Prince George from Bullies


Prince George, aged 9, was the star of Grandfather Charles’ coronation as a pageboy. The whole world watched as he held the regal mantle and assisted with the movement of the sovereign, alongside three other pageboys. The child took the historical mission very seriously, appearing focused and serious at the start of the ceremony. Now, however, it has come to light that the great honor was also a source of worry for George. According to a source from Buckingham Palace, the youngster was afraid that due to the traditional pageboy uniform, he would be the target of bullies at school. Grandfather Charles, understanding his grandson’s concern, decided to modify the centuries-old clothing to suit George’s wishes. Instead of the knee-length white trousers and tights, he was allowed to wear dark trousers and a red jacket with blue edging on the wrists and gold details between buttons and epaulettes. This change was enough to make the young prince beam with joy when he appeared with the rest of the royal family from the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Grandfather Charles, in order to make his grandson content, had no problem with twisting the coronation tradition. He is aware of the suffering a child can face due to bullying, as he himself was the victim of bullies at school. Charles, as revealed by an ITV documentary, was beaten and had his ears pulled by his peers, yet he never complained or cried. Now, at 76 years old, he is the sovereign of England and does not want George to experience the same hurt that he did.


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