Grégoire Margotton needs to modify behaviour for partner: “Impossible!”


Grégoire Margotton: A Look Into His Life

What better than the smooth voice of Grégoire Margotton to comment on the Champions League final between Manchester City and Inter Milan this Saturday night at 9pm on TF1? This match is also an opportunity to look at the native of Lyon, and more precisely at his love life, he who explained a few years ago to be in a relationship with “an over-tense”. This led him to adjust his behavior and character according to his sweetheart, in order to avoid any conflict: “It is not possible to be two in a couple. So, I decided that it had to be me“. During this interview, the former employee of Canal+ (where he commented on Ligue 1, etc.) also returned to the way he seduced her. His voice seems to have played a lot: “With my one meter seventy and my 64 kg, I was small for seduction, so a virile voice, it’s already not bad …”.

Father of Five Children

In this interview, Grégoire Margotton also said more about his life as a father: “I had four children with two different mothers.” Two daughters, one of whom was 6 months old at the time, who “crashed” since her birth in the marital bed. “I know it’s not good, but it’s very nice,” he confessed. And a two and a half year old daughter at the time who made the notion of “sleeping in” a distant memory. Rare confidences from the journalist, who does not usually speak outside the matches he comments on. Note that since this interview, his daughters have grown but Grégoire Margotton has also become the father of a fifth child. A new girl born in June 2021, whom he showed from behind to his subscribers on Twitter just after her birth. “Rare picture of a young supporter trying to cross her fingers since she does not boycott the French team,” he commented, while the Blues were preparing to play their first match of the Euro 2020 (postponed for a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, ed.) against Germany (match they will win 1-0).

Friendship with Bixente Lizarazu

A birth that had been announced the day before by his friend Bixente Lizarazu – who will obviously be at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul tonight to comment with him – through a photo of them at the restaurant. “This man has not slept much but he is happy because he is a father for the 5th time (but not with me). Congratulations, you are a great poulagasse!“, wrote the companion of Claire Keim. A beautiful friendship!


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