Grey hair: a colorist (to Jane Fonda) makes them fabulous

When you discover the profile Instagram of Jack Martin, an american born in Damascus, it remains glued to the feeds for a good half an hour to scroll through the photos of the transformations of so many women who have chosen to free themselves from the slavery of the staining and make peace with their gray hair natural. Shots of hairdos, with the horrible gap between the root and gray lengths, chestnut, blonde, and red, are side-by-side at the hair styles, grey metal reflections that make this “non-color” appealing and glamorous, no more a taboo.

Yes, because no one can deny that it is difficult to accept that her hair no longer the color of youth. It is here that Jack Martin enters the scene. In her salon, of Tustin, California, Jack Martin Colourist, three years is specialized in remove the colour of dyed hair to create the perfect match between the regrowth and lengths in nuance, gray, natural, today, more than ever, the color of the trend among women of all ages.

The operation of extraction of the colour is quite long, it lasts for twelve hours. “I prefer to do it all in one appointment because from me are women from very far away, I have clients from Australia, from Canada, from Mexico, from Argentina, and all across the United States. It is for this reason that I prefer to work an entire day to remove color, so I can start from a white base before you apply the grey. If in the process the hair to reveal shades of yellow, the neutralizzo with the purple and then dye the lengths of the same nuance of the roots, a blue-grey. If you were applying now the silver on the hair, sallow would be green!”.

The trend of the gray seems to be really strong and does not fear women….
“Women today are much more connected with their natural side and have a perception of gray with less prejudices. Is no longer a color related to the age, the customers who ask me grey hair ranging from 25 to 70 years”.

Who goes to the gray ever has second thoughts?
“Already when they look at my profile Instagram and see how it can be a color glamorous are convinced, then once they try not to come back, because win the freedom to be themselves”.

To proceed to the transformation is necessary to start with a regrowth of three or four inches, how to manage the separation of color when you have social commitments and days?
“To survive the transition council to use a hair mascara to be applied only when necessary, so it washes off with a shampoo”.

How did his specialization in the gray hair?
“Three years ago we received a client who was retired and who had decided to travel, spending much more time in nature. He had black hair that becoming alone every three weeks, a habit that had to stop, and that she could not bring with him into his new life. She didn’t want to be a slave of the touch-up and asked me if I could transform them entirely for the hair, and pass it to the grey. I asked her to sign a consent that included agreement to cut their hair short in a pixie if you were damaged in the bleaching process. He told me that he had no other choice. After 12 hours, the I saved the hair, and I turned it into a “silver fox”, his look, liked it so much, the Allure magazine published the story, and from that moment I started to document all the transformations on my profile Instagram”.

During the process uses products that prevent breakage?
“Yes, of course. Are ambassador of Olaplex, the system of reconstruction of the keratin of the hair that you use at the same time staining and discolouring. Sometimes in just one appointment we start from a black level 2 down to level 7, which is a medium blond, this allows me to use a few of the volumes, only 20, of oxygen to reach the grey you want. This care prevents the weakening and breaking of hair.”

After the transformation what is the frequency of the women come from her?
“A few times a year, only for cutting or to enliven the grey, and sometimes to add nuance, platinum and silver, or to do treatments to increase the softness and brightness”.

Has famous clients?
“I just edited the new look of Jane Fonda, what we’ll see at the Oscars 2020, but I can’t reveal anything. I contacted his agent who had seen my profile Instagram”.

Has of the icons by the silver hair that you admire?
“The look of Meryl Streep in “The devil wears Prada” and then I love the ones of Jamie Lee Curtis, Helen Mirren and Richard Gere“.