Guendalina Canessa spends 14 thousand euro in shopping in 15 minutes: “I Have my own money, I can burn them”

I love shopping…luxury. It could serve as inspiration to a new chapter in the saga of Sophie Kinsella, the service that shows Guendalina Canessa spend more than 14 thousand euro in shoes and luxury bags, precisely 14692 euro in about 15 minutes. Is the content of a service transmitted in the last episode of Pomeriggio5, a company that has generated strong debated in the studio. She couldn’t have made a fold. For her fashion is art: “I Love luxury and luxury costs. I have a daughter that will inherit things. I buy fashion.”

The Canessa claims the right to spend his money

“But it is true that you have burned all his money?” asked Barbara d’urso in the studio. Even in that case, the Canessa escaped, claiming the right to decide how to spend his money: “I burn my money. If work and gain I spend all. The nice thing is that I burned my money, not them, I ask to my father or to my man that I do not have. When I buy I think of my daughter Chloe that I hope has the same number of shoes so you can wear a day. For me, fashion is art. As people buy paintings of Picasso, I buy fashion, buy shoes and bags that I leave a day a legacy to my daughter.”

She is the daughter of an entrepreneur in the fashion industry

The passion of the Canessa for fashion is rooted in his past. Former Big Brother contestant, entered the House most watched of Italy as a young woman coming from a well-known and wealthy florentine family active in the textile sector. The father is the founder of a brand that has been producing cashmere garments. Sister of Gwendolyn, Guya, instead, has worked for Vogue. Immediately after the studies and the degree obtained at the Polimoda in Florence, she moved to Paris where he started work for the press office of Ballantyne, another well-known brand in the textile industry.