Guglielmo Scilla is single: “Me and Louis are not together”

The answer to the questions and the curiosity of their fans, Willwoosh has entrusted it to the only means which could protect it: the Internet. “We come to the question that I was paid more in the past few months “Are you still with Luigi?”. No. Someone of you has understood, others not. To share pieces of their lives on social does not mean having to share everything on social. I know that my history with Luigi was very visible, then it was obvious that sooner or later I would have had to talk, I needed a bit of time, both because I had to process some things, either because you are not alone and you have to have respect for the other person,” he began , Guglielmo Scilla, explaining that he had put an end to a relationship that lasted two years.

The rupture occurred shortly before Italy entered the quarantine, and what was the reason of the end, Scilla has not said. He said, however, not to have resentments. On the contrary, “I will never stop to love and, in a sense, to love Luigi. In the sense that what has been his courage in showing themselves, in being there to head high has been a huge inspiration to me and I will always be grateful. The messages that came to us were a deterrent, helped us to understand that something was starting to change. There are moments in life when you need a certain type of love, the fact that it is not for always does not mean that one is worth less. My love with Louis it lasted since it had to last”, she closed the youtuber, who with Luigi Di Lella has formed one of the most beloved couple on the web.