Guillaume Bats death: Friend reveals circumstances of tragedy.


The News of Guillaume Bats’ Passing

The news is terrible. Barely 36 years old, comedian Guillaume Bats died in the night from Thursday 1st to Friday 2nd June 2023. It was his production company, Dark Smile Productions, who announced his death by sharing a statement on Facebook. The comedian was suffering from glass bone disease, a genetic condition due to a defect in collagen fibers, particularly in the bones. Nevertheless, the official cause of his death is, for the moment, unknown.

Tributes for Guillaume Bats

Guillaume Bats had the right to many tributes. He was particularly close to Jérémy Ferrari, who refused to talk about his grief, but agreed to say more about his friend’s last moments. “Since last night I have received thousands of messages of support and some more or less funny jokes,” he wrote on social networks. Many of you are asking me what happened. Guillaume was supposed to give a conference at 7:30 pm yesterday, he did not show up and did not answer our calls. I went to his house and found him dead in his bed, probably in his sleep, but this remains to be confirmed by the doctors.” Everything leads to think that an autopsy will answer the questions of the French. And to the questions of his loved ones.

Guillaume Bats’ Career

Guillaume Bats was a rising figure in humor, especially through his sketches, shared online, then through his stage and television appearances. He had an impressive number of comrades among his colleagues and his colleagues… who today do not have the heart to laugh. “I do not wish to express my grief in the media or in the press despite the many requests that have been made to me,” continues Jérémy Ferrari. Guillaume was my little brother and I would like us to focus on him, his talent, his courage, his strength, his light. All my thoughts to those who loved him as much as I do.


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