Hairstyles easy-to-achieve (which are also the stars)

The appeal, “hairstyles simple”, Jennifer Lopez in this round it will not respond. His last maxi, and intricate chignon, as much as the masterpieces spectacular, they put it officially out of the race. Olivia Wilde, however, could raise both hands: between the waves and soft chignons tall, his hair looks are always easy to replicate. The same is true for the actress Reese Witherspoon from when she has the lob only seeks practical solutions, such as a line of side, to put him in the fold. Too predictable? With the help Tammy Mattiazzi Global Education Director concept, we have identified five hairstyles of effect you can achieve in just a few minutes. His advice-tutorial.

“Apply on the hair powder volumizing, twist on themselves, both sides, join them to the hair behind, in a soft tail, twist the tail in a gentle way up to the tip, lift up to the middle of the head, turn the tail over itself and fasten with mollettine. Bring down some strands on the sides. Spray the hairspray medium hold. The more natural, the better it is”.

“Start from a side with few hairs near the line. Cast off in a soft way until you get near your ear on the other side, secure the braid with bobby pins. Do the same thing from the opposite side, but start to weave a little bit away from the line until they reach the ear of the opposite side, fixed this braid under the previous one. Place the natural way the remaining loose hair. Spray the lacquer seal strong”.

“Spray the lacquer sealing medium on the hair and create volume, starting from the line side, twist the two strands so very soft, rope-like, feeding with wisps big. Reach the center back and secure with a clamp. Do the same thing on the opposite side. Secure with an elastic band to the two “strings” in a queue. Tip: secure the tail to the center of the head behind, not on top, and tie them well. Spraying a powder bulking on the tail loose and rub with the hands to increase the volume and softness”.

“Spray a lacquer seal strong, use your finger to merge the hair, then brush them in the direction of the tail: the tail more trendy is to the middle of the head. Secure the tail with the elsatico, the better ones with the hooks at the end; attach the second hook above the first to stabilize. Spraying even a little bit of hairspray on the hair of the tail. Tip: to make it last in position all day, slide a bobby pin over the elastic in the lower part of the tail. For a queue massive: split the tail in half, tuck a small spring inside and hide it with the upper part of the hair”.

“Take a strand from each side on the top and attorcigliarla soft up to one hundred behind, fasten with hairpins, do the same thing with the next two strands on both sides and fix them with hairpins under the previous. Proceed with the third and most recent strand in the same way. Let loose the rest of the hair, spray a little hairspray and stroppicciare to increase the texture. Spray a spray illuminating to give a touch of light”.