Hairstyles for medium hair

Katy Perry in dolce attesa, gives a twist to the half-tail with her latest look: the styling, very drawn back and the tips flip Fifties.

For the spring of 2020, the hun, or the half bun, returns in an updated version. The perfect hairstyle for those who have the bob and long bob, and fairly easy to do at home. A harvest enabled them to work at the pc, cook without the hair to go in front of the face and to do yoga lesson in streaming. The semiraccolto is multitasking and also between the walls of the home where it is forbidden to let go!

It leads with soft waves and a few locks of hair fall on the face for an elegant effect, or with her hair pulled pointing upwards from the mood of the Nineties.

Fine hair may need a spray texturizzante or a touch of dry shampoo to give it more texture. The hairstylist to the stars , Alex Brown calls them “bubble bath hair”, the hair gathered in a messy bun with bangs or wisps that fall on the face and represent the hairstyling more effortless to stay in the house.

With data in hand, according to the results of Google searches of 2019, the word hairstyle was searched 200 million times, to testify that the hair remains in a recreation beauty much felt by all. In times of smart working is forced, you can do online shopping without guilt: the collected, embellish of headbands and clips to buy and receive directly at home, such as the maxi the small circle to the Kate Middleton available online (in the gallery).