Hairstyles summer: effect of va va voom to fine hair

Foliage thin, delicate strands of angel. Yes, that type of foliage that easily loses its volume throughout the year, but especially in the summer does not love the fold at the dryer too hot (and even the plate). Rebels and turns into a sort of wet effect, but without the plus of style. Bent under the weight of the humidity and the “flatness”. And yet, watching the stars that this is a problem we have as many of us get ideas. Thank heavens they are there, Emma Watson, KArlie Kloss & co who know how to show us how you can always be 100% glam.

Rule no. 1 avoid the backcombed hair because it makes your hair to shreds!

Rule no. 2 choose the bun soft but with a good preparation: before going to sleep make two braids with the wet hair without putting any type of product. In the morning untie the braids with your hands and gather the hair in a soft chignon. So you get a crop effect 24H.

Rule no. 3 coax out the banana vintage. If you go from straight hair to better apply to the base a powder bulking to give support to the roots. Then you can proceed to the creation of a crop classic as a French twist or banana ’60s.

Rule No. 4 is ‘ yes ‘ to the waves of the years ’30. To wet hair will be perfect and you create without effort. Better to dry them with the lamp or the diffuser. If, instead, you want more defined on wet hair, before placing the pliers, apply immediately a gel and let them dry.

Rule 5. the frisè is a good idea, to help each other with a small plate for frisè and go over the roots. It is a technique which gives volume at the base, in a very gentle way. Perfect for an ’80s look.

Rule 6. you would not believe it but the rough is possible as long as version of botticelli. With rollers of small diameter. You wrap the strands to eight, and once dried the hair, just smuolverli a little for a romantic effect.