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Halle Berry: Menopause & Best Self Ever!

Halle Berry Encourages Women to Embrace Menopause

From Paola Barale to Naomi Watts, many stars have recently spoken out publicly about menopause, trying to dispel all the taboos still linked to the topic. Now Halle Berry joins the list. In a video in collaboration with Women’s Health, the actress revealed: “I was suddenly hit by menopause, and I’m trying to challenge and test everything I knew about it. Your life is over, society has no room for you. Retire. Pack your bags. It’s not true. You don’t have to look a certain way or feel another way. I feel the best now that I’m 56,” Halle clarified in the video shot just before her fifty-seventh birthday (she was born on August 14, 1966). Adding: “I have so much to offer. I’m solid in my femininity and in my womanhood. I know what I have to say, even if someone might not agree with me. You have to embrace and accept the period of life you’re in, whether it’s exploration, self-discovery, or curiosity.” This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

Halle Berry Leads by Example

This is not the first time Halle has invited women to embrace the period of life they are in, leading by example. Last summer, for example, she celebrated her fifty-sixth birthday by posting a photo of herself, beautiful, with silver gray hair: “My man likes it. If you have complaints, take it up with him.” Halle, who has three marriages behind her – with David Justice (1992-1996), with Eric Benét (2001-2004) and with Olivier Martinez (2013-2016) – has been linked to musician Van Hunt since 2020. Two years ago, a social photo in which the two were kissing in front of a church made people think of Berry’s fourth wedding. It wasn’t like that: the kiss in front of an altar was just to celebrate the new year. Weddings can wait, in short. However, the couple photos that Halle often posts on social media demonstrate every day that you can be happy and in love even at 57. And in spite of menopause, a period of life that the actress (and not only) looks at with different eyes and “embraced with curiosity”.

Other Celebrities Speak Out About Menopause

This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. – Paola Barale talks about herself: “Menopause at 41 and an abortion because it was not the time to become a mother” -Paola Barale: “I went into menopause early, but I’m not decrepit: I have a very active sex life” -Naomi Watts: “Going into menopause at only 36 made me feel out of control”



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