Happy birthday to Lorella Cuccarini: 55 years in the role of a blonde

Congratulations to Lorella Cuccarini, very first to swear eternal love to her husband Silvio Texts with which it is married since 1991, it is related from the point of view of trichology-the sentimental to the blonde forever. She, of course, hear HEAR, red copper, is practically, however, gold of a life. Ok, Lorella also has the skin of a doll that defies the laws of time, luminous and radiant today as it was 35 years ago, when he took his first steps in the world of the show. Her secret, as she herself has revealed, is a good nourishing cream every night before bed, stretching from when I was twenty years old.

But her beauty signature, the absolute and identifies it in the centuries of the centuries, is the hair blonde. No blond, no Life, in short. A bit like the co-workers Carrà and the nemicamatissima Heather Parisi, which at the time shares only this addiction.

The blond is the iconic dancer/presenter/singer/actress (but how many things is it?) it was certainly modulated in the course of time. Remember that Lorella is in video from virtually that we have memory, that is, from the years ’80 in which he was a swaying, dancing with the head hyper bleached, the shade more trendy for girls in the Eighties, at the time of Fantastic. His mullet back then, maybe today, like Miley Cyrus, the less the effect laccatissimo from the foliage, the granite for which today would be called instantly the police of the beauty, beyond that of the environment.

Lorella Cuccarini in a Blast of 1985. Photo Ipa

The effect amarcord is immediate, and while we think of the most decolarata of the Italian, it’s impossible not to improvise a similar motion with hands humming to The night fly.

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Choreography by Michelle Assaf

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The showgirl has followed over the years the fashions and, of course, suitable hairstyle: in the early Nineties, we remember with foliage scalatissima. Then, in the course of the decade, hair became more smooth and long with rounded tips inside and frangettona to Brenda Walsh, oscillating at the end of the millennium between curly doll-like and plate gogo. The one certainty that has resulted in the XXI century, the absolute fidelity to the blond. Lorella, on the other hand, declared in an interview some years ago: “I Think I’ll die blonde. When I was born I was very clear, then with the passing of the years the hairs have darkened, but I was the blonde inside.”

Lorella Cuccarini at Sanremo festival in 1995 with his pygmalion, Pippo Baudo. Photo Ipa

In the year 2000, Lorella Cuccarini, that from the beginning of the millennium features a make-up minimal, lightweight, with transparent bottom, the eyes and never too well-marked, remains a hair icon, absolute, Unesco world heritage site of the crown Made in Italy. In recent years, the showgirl leaves the natural base is darker, to give more light to the face and the eyes, and the blond is thus less artifact. After having tried the damage free, recently converted to mechès (who are experiencing a return), as you can see from his profile Instagram followed by almost 275mila followers. Last winter, then, has given us a cut: zac at the long mane of hair that accompanied it for some time and welcome long wavy bob in soft waves, immediately stracopiatissmo.

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Welcome June🌼

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In the gallery, to celebrate, on the 10th of August, the first 55 years of the queen of Italian Tv, we did a recap of his hairstyle of his first 35 years of his career, advising ad hoc products if you plan to convert to the blond until death do you part, style Life.