Harry and Meghan, the Queen says yes: “a new life” for the Dukes of Sussex


At the end of the meeting convened at Sandringham with prince Charles, his sons William and Harry, and Meghan truman gates in the link from Canada, Buckingham Palace has released the official press release: the queen Elizabeth “respects and understands” the decision of prince Harry and his wife Meghan wanted to take a step back from their duties to ‘senior members’ of the Royal Family.

“Today my family has had a very constructive discussion on the future of my nephew and his family“, wrote the queen: “my family and I are fully in support of the desire of Harry and Meghan to create, and as a young family, a new life. Although we would have preferred that they remain full-time members of the Royal Family, we respect and understand the desire to live a life that is more independent, while remaining an important part of my family.” In the press release of Buckingham Palace, queen Elizabeth goes on to say that “Harry and Meghan have said clearly that it does not intend to depend on public funds in their new lives. For this reason it was decided that there will be a transition period in which the dukes of Sussex will also spend time in Canada and in the United Kingdom”.

“These are for my family and complex questions to solve – continues the queen – and there is still more work to do, but I asked for that in the coming days will reach the final decisions,” concluded the sovereign.

Harry and William are denying the tensions: “false information about our relationship”

Harry and Meghan, prince Philip “raging” for the tear

Absent from the summit of the family summoned by the queen to discuss the future of the duke of Sussex to thel-prince Philip would be “furious” for the behavior of his nephew Harry. While it was in the course of the meeting in Sandringham, the 98 years old consort of the queen has been photographed as it was carried in the car outside the castle, where he spent most of the time after he was discharged from the hospital before Christmas, writes the Sun.

According to sources quoted by the tabloid, the prince feels “deeply hurt” and has not hidden his feelings to the Queen, accusing Harry and Meghan of “lack of respect” and saying she is “tired” of their behavior. “His main concern is the impact that this is having on the Queen – as reported by the source – a large part of his anger of Philip comes from seeing the disturbance of His majesty.”


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