Harry and Meghan will fire the staff and close the office of the Buckingham Palace

Bridges closed, permanently. Harry and Meghan said goodbye to their lives for ever, by british royalty, dismantling their staff. Dismissing that is, the 15 levelyou to their service, that in these years we had accompanied in institutional commitments. A strong signal of the will of the duke of Sussex not to go back on their steps. No looking back, after a meeting with the members of the staff, Harry and Meghan have announced that their office of Buckingham Palace will be closed. “Having the Sussex abandoned their institutional posts, press office at Buckingham Palace is no longer necessary,” explained a source to the Daily Mirror.

Many members will lose their jobs

The details, it is clear, are still being defined, but as explained by the tabloid will be inevitable that with the dismantling of the royal’s team, some members will lose their jobs. The objective, explains an inside source at the palace to the tabloid, is to replace the workers by assigning them to new positions within Buckingham Palace, but for others it will be inevitable to make the bags. It would, in particular, the Evening Latham , head of communications in the past worked for the Obama family and for Ilary Clinton and his assistant , Marnie Gaffney, secretary private to Meghan Fiona Mcilwham, but also Clara Loughran, the right arm as well as a dear friend of Meghan appointed a Member of the Order, Victorian, scope, recognition conferred by the Queen. And still the press officer , Julie Burley , and the social media expert Davi Watkins, picked by Burberry. One of the few that could stay with the couple is instead James Holt, former head of communications, Royal Foundation of Harry and William, to which may be assigned the role of coupling of the new Sussex Royal Foundation.

Meghan would try to find a staff american

The internal source at the palace has explained that all in all, once coming to the surface, the official news of the Megxit last 8 January, the dismissal of the staff has not left the states, much amazed. It was a consequence more predictable, the team of Buckingham Palace would have accepted without rancour: “The team is very legal vis-à-vis the Sussex understands and respects the decision taken”. The disappointment, however, would be derived from the choice of Meghan to look for an american, that would have “made life incredibly difficult for the staff of the Palace”. According to the Mirror, in fact, the Sussex would be organized by Canada’s commitments and private briefing with the american team and they hired a canadian designer to create a new web site, without any involvement of real consultants.