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Harry Meghan: Know Who Their New Friends Are

New Network of Friends

The magical circle of royal years seems to be broken, the relationship between David and Victoria Beckham is closed, according to Harry and Meghan Markle, who accuse them of spreading news about them, and also very distant from the Clooneys (always very close to the royal family), the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are trying to build a new network of friendships around them. According to British press, this has been a real work in the last months, especially for the former actress, who has lost important connections after the publication of Harry’s book, which has generated an unpredictable negative effect. “Meghan has been unusually silent in public, but she has new and powerful friends, so the silence won’t last long,” a source told the Mail on Sunday. Today, the Duchess has a stable circle of friends, such as Ellen DeGeneres and agent Ari Emanuel; last April, Markle joined his agency, William Morris Endeavour, which now represents her.

Political Maneuvers

In fact, together with the resolution of the agreement with Spotify, it is the last official news about her. The relationship is also excellent with Oprah Winfrey and another journalist and presenter, Gayle King, who is trying to get an interview with Meghan. Unconfirmed rumors, at least so far, but recent history teaches that rumors about Meghan always tend to be true. However, the most interesting front is the political one, on which Meghan’s main maneuvers are focusing. The friendship with the Bidens is firm, especially the link between Harry and the First Lady Jill, united by numerous initiatives in favor of veterans, but the Bidens have never exposed themselves too much in favor of the couple, unlike another powerful American family: the Kennedys. And they would be the primary target of Markle.

The Ripple of Hope Award

An insider close to the Democrats told the Daily Mail that in the early days of their move to America, many expected a closeness between the Obamas and the Sussex, but in the end the former President and his wife did not take the couple under their wing, something that is instead happening with the most famous dynasty in America. The “sign”? The clear alignment of Kerry Kennedy, daughter of Robert, who praised Meghan for her “heroic position” taken to resist racism within the royal family. The appreciation of the Kennedy for Meghan was also confirmed last December with the awarding of the Ripple of Hope Award, organized by the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Foundation and awarded to personalities who have distinguished themselves for their humanitarian, philanthropic and civil rights activities.



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