Harry & Meghan: Official Start of New Era at Frogmore Cottage


Tension Between the Sussex Dukes and Buckingham Palace

The rift between the Sussex Dukes and Buckingham Palace is widening more and more. According to ITV News, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have “officially” left Frogmore Cottage, the residence within the Windsor Park where they lived their last months in England – including the birth of their first child Archie – and where they stayed whenever they returned to London.

Prince Charles Ordered the Eviction

Few, despite the tense atmosphere, would have imagined such a turn. According to the American outlet, the sovereign would have started the procedure “the day after Spare’s release“, Harry’s memoir in which he fiercely attacks some members of his family, including his father and brother. Whether it was some stories contained in the book that triggered a reaction from Charles, it is not known: certainly now Harry and Meghan are really out of Frogmore Cottage.

The Future of Frogmore Cottage

A suggestive location, albeit not so large in terms of space: it is there that Charles is rumored to want to transfer his brother Andrew, so as to leave the large Royal Lodge free for the heir William, his wife Kate Middleton and the three children. However, it seems that the Duke of York does not want to leave his huge thirty-room residence, while the Cambridge princes seem to have been quite comfortable at Adelaide Cottage. The hypothesis remains open that Princess Eugenie with her husband and children will move to Frogmore Cottage, but the conditional remains obligatory. One thing is certain, from now on, every time Harry and Meghan fly to London, they will have to find accommodation.


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