Harry Meghan regret isolating kids from family.


The Sussexes’ Move to California

For over three years now, English newspapers have been trying to outline the state of mind of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle post-move to California. He – as often reported – would miss his London friends, but she would have no intention of returning to live in England: of course, there are no certain news, but it is certain that in the United States they do not have any relatives except for Doria Ragland, the Duchess’s mother.

The Decision to Move Will Come Back to Haunt Them

“It’s a decision they will regret,” said journalist Graydon Carter, interviewed by the Telegraph, highlighting how the Sussex children, Archie and Lilibet, are growing up away from many family members. “They don’t see cousins, uncles, just the maternal grandmother. It’s a decision that will come back to haunt them,” added the former editor, shifting the focus back to Harry and Meghan. “They have made every possible wrong move.” This time, the reference is to overexposure in the media: “They have too much attention on them,” he added. “For characters like them, unavailability is the greatest resource. If you stay too visible, there is a risk that the public will get tired of you.”

The Last Clash in New York

It is no surprise that the Sussexes have been fighting against paparazzi and news hunger for some time: the last clash a few weeks ago in New York, with a car chase. This event that the dukes’ spokesman called “almost catastrophic”. “I’ve lived there for fifty years, it’s impossible to go more than three miles an hour,” joked the journalist, downplaying the incident and bringing it closer to the reconstruction made by the police, according to which there would have been no accidents: “The dukes of Sussex have arrived at their destination,” reads the official statement, “there are no reported collisions, injuries or arrests“. Finally, Graydon did not spare a criticism of Montecito, the residential area a few steps away from the Pacific Ocean where many stars live, including Harry and Meghan. “There’s nothing to do, it’s God’s waiting room,” he concluded. “It’s 40 minutes by car from Los Angeles, young families can’t afford to live there. So there won’t be many children.” The question of the Sussexes’ happiness, therefore, remains open.


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