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Harry’s Japan trip without Meghan: Body language experts say he’s not as serene as he seems.

Prince Harry’s Arrival in Tokyo

Harry landed in Japan alone, without Meghan and the kids: the prince is in Tokyo to attend a charity polo match, and in the photos taken at the airport he appears smiling and serene.

The Beneficial Power of Sport

I have long believed that sport is a channel for healing, not just for the mind and body, but for the world,” said the prince through his charity Sentebale. “Sport always involves having a dream, and achieving it with the support of a community. Whether joining in victory or showing respect in defeat, no one ever crosses the finish line or scores a goal without the help and trust of others.” An event that the founder of the Invictus Games obviously feels very close to his principles and values, and this is perhaps the cause of the satisfied attitude with which Harry appeared on his arrival in Tokyo.

Harry’s Anxiety

However, British body language experts see in that smile immortalized by the Japanese media a hint of anxiety, rather than joy. An anxiety, they say, similar to that of mother Diana. “It happened that Diana’s smiles disappeared while we watched them, and Harry’s in this occasion seem to do the same,” noted specialist Judi James to the Mirror. “No expression seems to be able to settle on his face, and he seems to go from a relaxed and cheerful look to an anxious and obsessed one in a blink of an eye.



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