Helmut Fritz is back : it pays tribute to caregivers with a new version of his tube


We had not seen coming : Helmut Fritz, the singer who was a success, express in 2009, has resurfaced. Confined and wholeheartedly with the carers, it has interpreted a “special version 2020” tube sound It annoys me.

With her looks unlikely, his German accent stitched Karl Lagerfeld and his exciting bad mood, Helmut Fritz had a resounding success in 2009. Her single It annoys me, in which he issued a stinging rebuke to those who wear “the fringe to Kate Moss” and the people who line up to buy macaroons at Ladurée (but hey, it seems that they are good), has sold more than 500,000 copies. At the top of the top 50, the singer came of Mosel – whose real name is Eric Breff – has been a phenomenon of the late 2000’s. He was entitled to his portrait in Release, and has subsequently released two albums and an EP of Christmas. After having tried another career under the name of Geronimo, Eric Breff has returned to his costume Helmut Fritz for a series of concerts… he can not really ensure that because of the confinement. That’s not a problem : he still has the social networks to make a living for his character, who’s displeasure is most ardent since 2009. And the health crisis, only makes the upset even more…

Helmut Fritz supports the medical teams

Confined to his home, Eric Breff has put a captain’s hat and big sunglasses, wearing a combat fatigues and shot a little video. “To the entire medical staff, and to all those who risk their lives every day to save others… Respect, love and gratitude ! I called Helmut Fritz and I dedicate to you this little parenthesis… in song, “he says, before interpreting a” special version 2020 ” of It annoys me. “I dream of Costes and a glass, but all of Paris is a desert. They are all at home. Me too, I have the air of a con. It annoys me “, he begins, changing the words of his tube. The new text, adapted to this difficult period, speaks of the hospitals full and the shortage of masks, as well as to things more trivial , such as the stocks of toilet paper and pasta, which fly away. “It annoys me all these people who are queueing in front of the Franprix… All this for Panzani… But, well… in five minutes it is cooked ! “laughs Helmut Fritz, who has not lost his sense of humour. This moment of nostalgia did smile its subscribers, who were in need !

Take care of yourself. 💚

Posted by Helmut Fritz on Tuesday, March 24, 2020


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