Hiba Abouk family escapes to sun with kids, revealing son Amin’s amazing hair.


Hiba Abouk and her Children Reunite After Cannes Getaway

After several days away from her children, Hiba Abouk treated herself to a special moment with them. It must be said that the 36-year-old actress flew off to the French Riviera and the Cannes Film Festival to meet up with several of her close friends. Now a single mother, the ex-wife of Achraf Hakimi has taken a hit before taking her life back in hand. Remaining to live in Paris where she has perfectly integrated and has many friends, Hiba is working on several projects, but she always finds time to devote to her children. On her Instagram account, she showed it again on May 28th by sharing several photos of a beautiful moment with her sons. “Family first,” she wrote in the caption of the pictures in which we can see her walking with Amin and Naïm in a beautiful garden and we can see that the eldest has a beautiful head of hair. Between a walk by the pool and a kiss to her son, the pretty brunette was able to enjoy her family reunion. A beautiful moment for Hiba and her children, who were able to reconnect after a glamorous getaway for the young mom.

A Difficult Period for the Actress

Separated from Achraf Hakimi for several months now, the beautiful brunette of Tunisian and Libyan origin has perfectly managed to turn the page, despite a very difficult period. Targeted by an investigation for rape, the Paris Saint-Germain defender is now separated from the mother of his two children, who are therefore left alone to raise Amin (3 years old) and Naïm (1 year old). Since the couple’s separation, rumors have been flying and this tends to exasperate Hiba Abouk. It has particularly been a question of the divorce of the two stars and the significant demands made by the Spanish actress, who would be asking for close to 10 million euros.

Hiba Abouk Speaks Out

“It’s incredible that they (the media) consider that I am motivated by the financial aspect,” she declared on Spanish television, before continuing: “It’s a macho and misogynistic world, especially since at the beginning, when we started our relationship, he had no money and I was more famous than him.”


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