Home Health and Fitness High temperatures this week could exceed 45°C.

High temperatures this week could exceed 45°C.

Heat Wave Expected This Week

We will have to resort to a lot of patience and, above all, methods to cool off due to the forecasts of the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), which point to the arrival of a heat wave this week, the second of the summer. Specialists recommend drinking water frequently, and the predictions point to the presence of an African air mass that would cause the temperature to exceed 45ºC in the shade in many parts of the country, reaching even 48 or 49ºC in the southern peninsula towards July 15. These records would be exceptional for the month in which we are.

Hot Nights Expected

The nights are also expected to be very hot, as the temperatures will be between 21 and 24ºC. Meteorologists remind us that a heat wave is considered an episode of at least three days with abnormally high temperatures and point out that the increase in them that we are experiencing in recent years is related to the longer duration of the summers caused by climate change.

Planet Breaks Heat Record

This last one is also responsible for an unprecedented phenomenon worldwide. According to the data from the National Centers for Environmental Prediction of the United States, on July 4 the planet broke its heat record, obtaining an average global air temperature of 17.2ºC. This record is calculated since 1979 using data from weather stations, ships, ocean buoys and satellites and, according to scientists, it obtains the best estimate of the surface temperature of the planet at each point.



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