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Highland Games at Charles and Camilla’s – first since Queen Elizabeth’s death.

Preserving a 900-Year-Old Tradition

Elizabeth II, always accompanied by her husband Philip, never missed the Highland Games which take place every year in September not far from Balmoral Castle. King Charles III and his wife Camilla have not broken the tradition. Wearing the traditional kilt, the sovereign attended the event with his wife and sister Anna. The images show him smiling and having a great time at one of the classic appointments of the royal family’s Scottish stay during the summer.

The Braemar Gathering: An Ancient Tradition

The Braemar Gathering is one of the most important of the Highland Games and was one of the late sovereign’s favorites, who passed away almost a year ago. Charles often accompanied his mother to these games which have existed for 900 years and for 200 in the form we still see today. Since the mid-1800s, British sovereigns have participated and King Charles III is particularly committed to preserving this Scottish tradition. The then Prince of Wales had also attended the event last year, when the Queen’s health conditions, who was at Balmoral Castle, were worsening.

Fun and Tradition: The King Charles III Tartan

What is it about? Traditional games such as tug of war in which competitors from Scotland, England, Australia and America take part. Every year, thousands of visitors arrive in this small Scottish village on the first Saturday of September to attend the games. King Charles III wore a kilt made with the newly created King Charles III tartan. “The green, blue and red tartan was designed by the Scottish Tartans Authority at the beginning of this year to celebrate the occasion of the coronation and in recognition of Her Majesty’s strong support in maintaining the culture and traditions of Highland dress and Scottish tartans” explains the royal family account citing the Scottish Tartans, authority in the field. “The unique design presented to Her Majesty is based on the Balmoral set dating back to around 1850 and continues to be worn by the king and members of the royal family today…The fabric, 100% Scottish wool from Lochcarron of Scotland in Selkirk, includes a central triple stripe pattern (one wide and two narrow) which is a feature of the royal tartans previously worn by Her Majesty, including the Duke of Rothesay, Duke of Rothesay Hunting and Lord of the Isles Hunting tartans. The colours have been matched to the natural dyes of 18th century tartan specimens in the collection of the Scottish Tartans Authority”. Tradition and fun for King Charles who laughed and applauded with his wife and sister during his Scottish day.



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