Highlander in mourning : the actor Stan Kirsch is suicide


Sad news. Stan Kirsch, who plays Richie Ryan in the series Highlander, has been found dead. He was 51 years old.

Fans of the series Highlanderare in mourning. As reported by TMZ, Stan Kirsch est died at his homein Los Angeles. The body of the actor, who plays the character of Richie Ryan, the acolyte of Duncan MacLeod, was found by his wife on Saturday 11 January, in the afternoon. The police sources have revealed to the american media that the star, 51 year old, was hanging in the bathroom. His wife, Kristyn Green, has broken the silence on the social networks.

An actor versatile

“I would like to thank everyone for all this love and this support. I have not been able to reply to all the sms, calls and e-mails… but I have read and listened to each of them. I feel surrounded by love and I will be forever grateful to you all “, she confided. In addition to the six seasons of the series Highlander in the mid-90s, Stan Kirsch is also known to television viewers for his roles in other successful programs such as JAG, General Hospital, or Friends, where he was a boyfriend of the character of Monica.

TMZ reminds us that Stan Kirsch, who began his career at the age of 4 years in an advertisement, was also known in the Usa because it coachait actors in Los Angeles. A journey ended too soon for his fans who had followed him in all her television experiences.


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