How to do wavy hair with a hair straightener (video tutorial)

It is not the last word. Even those who have straight hair and straight can hope to get that blur effect is natural, given by soft waves and soft, perfect for this hot season. What do you need? A hair straightener and a bit of (simple) manual. We asked the team to return to give us some advice for creating the ideal beach waves-proof summer, from the preparation of the crown, and the use of the styler without forgetting the application of protective products from the heat.

In the video, the steps for implementation.

“Apply a protective product such as the ghd curl hold spray to damp hair to protect it from the heat of hair dryer and plate. Then it passes to the drying with a hair dryer without a brush. Once dry, re-apply the protective product to increase the definition and the tightness of the styling”.

“At this point, place the plate in the vertical position with the tip of the styler downwards. We at ghd, we recommend the ghd platinum + by intelligent technology, which allows styling different. Insert a section vertical to the inside of the slats, rotate 180° the styler away from the face (how to rotate: by the thumb, which looks at the mirror in the thumb who looks at the back of the neck). Then slides slowly downwards in the vertical, and repeat the movement on the whole head”.

“We recommend that you always use protective products because without them the hair can lose moisture and styling will be less defined.
Never switch the straightener on wet hair. It is good to dry the hair to 100% because leaving water inside the hair styling will last less and the hair can suffer damage because the boiling water creates micro fractures on the structure.”