Human Body Wonders: Aurora Ramazzotti 2 Months Postpartum


The Human Body’s Incredible Abilities

Sometimes I find it hard to believe the incredible things the human body can do. Aurora Ramazzotti shows herself on social media after just over two months since her firstborn was born. The new mother talks about the radical change her body underwent before and after pregnancy, showing an image of her pregnant belly close to giving birth next to a photo of her today. In this way, Aurora praises the incredible and perfect functioning of the human body. But also an invitation to all women to take the necessary time for post-pregnancy recovery.

Aurora’s Post-Pregnancy Recovery

Aurora Ramazzotti shared this image among her Instagram Stories the day she decided to go running again. “I hadn’t run since before pregnancy. I made sure I could do it two months after giving birth and I went out without expectations. The recovery is hard but rewarding to death,” wrote the new mother. She also shared the image of the running shoes she had just put on, the encouragement with a “you can” in the elevator before going out, and finally the pleasant feeling of the post-run shower. After all, the new mother loves sports. During pregnancy, she shared her workout several times via social media, emphasizing the physical and mental well-being derived from physical exercise. And recently, she has gone back to training between one feeding and the other.

Learning to Love Yourself

But these images of the pre-birth belly and the belly not yet returned to perfect shape also have another meaning. It is an invitation to love yourself and to love your body. And to make peace with that image in the mirror often accused of not respecting canons and beauty schemes imposed by society or social media. Aurora herself in a post published a short time ago revealed the complicated relationship with her image in the mirror. “When I was a teenager there were days when I imagined a world without that reflection, I spent hours trying to forget my own and I went into the bathrooms head down to avoid crossing that image,” she revealed, showing herself in lingerie and with the still soft shapes typical of pregnancy. Today, however, it is all different. “Today the relationship is going great, today I don’t play anymore to avoid that reflected image, today I spend a lot of time observing it,” she wrote. It will be maturity, it will be motherhood, the fact is that today Aurora has achieved awareness on that reflected image in the mirror: “In the end, poor thing can only show me the envelope of me, I am something else.”


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