“I have to estraniarmi from all over,” says Tara Gabrieletto, in may, the latest photos with Cristian Gallella

Tara Gabrieletto and Cristian Gallella would be living in a time of crisis. Let it be understood in the course of a series of Instagram stories, it was the former suitor of Men and Women that has asked those who follow not to ask her questions about her marital relationship because Gallella would be living a delicate moment. The crisis, if this is what it is, it would have triggered in the course of the last two months. The last photo social posted by Tara – the only element of the pair to use Instagram – dates back to the 1st of may of last year. It was a photo taken at sea some months before, in the Maldives. “1 may as well. Yes, as a no,” he wrote, amused her, referring to the inability to get out of the house because of the lockdown. That photo marks the time of the alleged crisis, allegedly only started after that time.

1 may so.. 🙈 is like no!! 🙈😂🖤 #memories#maldives#laprossimafra6mesi#cosìsiamoaposto#😝#instagood#instalike#photography#photooftheday

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Tara Gabrieletto reached from the Internet.en: “I won’t say anything. Neither now, nor ever”

Fanpage.it has tried to reach Tara Gabrieletto to ask you for an account of what would be happening. “I will not say anything. Neither now, nor ever”, you apologized to her, explaining the decision not to add any more to what has already been said about the social “do Not release anything out of my mouth. I said what you see in my stories on Instagram. We are taking important decisions for us. Nothing more, nothing less.” When we asked if he was okay, he just replied: “I have to estraniarmi from it all. Well I’m not, we’ll see.”

The reasons for the crisis with Cristian Gallella

Tara, in a series of videos posted on his profile on Instagram, he asked those who follow it do not ask questions related to his private life. “I have never been good at hiding when I’m sick. The eyes speak. I know that it will be difficult, however, on my private things are very restrained. It is not a great time, I’m not well – explained, suggesting that the ongoing crisis with Cristian – I’m making decisions in my life, we are taking the decisions. Do not ask strange, don’t ask me where is Cristian so I will not answer. You will not get angry if you do not receive answers, I do not out of malice but only because they are my own things. When the time is right and we will clear the situation, tell you what there is to say.”