“I lost a son”: the story of Luke Ward on ‘Come to me’

Host Caterina Balivo in the program ‘Come to me’, Luke Ward was told during an interview that he did not spare highly sensitive issues of his private life. The actor and voice actor romano, known for the deep voice given to stars like Russell Crowe and Keanu Reeves, has revealed a painful episode from three years ago, when he and wife Jade Desires with which he is married since 2013 , have lost a child a few months after news of the pregnancy.

From the love to the colleague Luke Ward, already a father of Gwendolyn , born from previous marriage with Claudia Rockets, had the Wolf and the Moon. “There was also a third son, but unfortunately did not go in the port, after the Moon, it would be called Leo,” said then the voice actor.

“If I was disappointed? When she told me that she was pregnant, I took a shot because I start to get to grips with the age, are no longer a kid,” he admitted, still Ward: “it happened 3-4 years ago. She saw that there had been just fine, I said, ‘Oh god, another one?’ Why yes we think, but then thinking about it I said, ‘yes, But I come from a large family, but what is the problem? Then at the end the children also bring luck. But then, unfortunately, after a few weeks it went away”.

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“It would be called Lion” @lucaward_real talks about his third child ever born #VieniDaMe @caterinabalivo

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Who is Giada Desideri, Luca’s wife, Ward

Jade Want is a roman actress who works in theatre and has participated in films such as ‘A boy of Calabria’ by Luigi Comencini, ‘Splendor’ Ettore Scola ‘Croce e delizia’ by Luciano De Crescenzo. On tv he debuted in the series Raidei the early Nineties ‘The children of the wall’ and it was Claudia Costa in the soap ‘A place in the sun’. Since 2006 is tied to Luke Ward, married in 2013. From their love were born Wolf in 2007, and the Moon in 2009.

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