“I verify the virginity of my daughter to the gynecologist”, in the way that rapper T. I. check out the daughter’s 18-year-old

It is disconcerting the ease with which the american rapper T. I. has publicly admitted to verify, year after year, the virginity of his daughter 18-year-old Deyjah, bringing it with him to the gynecologist and having them pressure for the young to sign the consent form necessary for the doctor to share confidential information with the father. In the course of an interview for the podcast “Ladies Like Us”, in front of the two conductive Nazanin Mandi and Nadia Moham, Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr has told us to speak often of sex with her daughter 18-year-old. In different terms than what you would expect:

Certain that I and my daughter talk about sex and not only will we have beautiful talks, but each year I carry with me to the gynecologist to check her hymen.

The story, in-depth visits

To avoid that the conductive, both women, thought to be a provocation, T. I. has launched an in-depth explanation of the visits in question, a demonstration of the fact that these episodes would be really, repeating it year after year from the time the daughter turned 16 years old:

We started to go after her sixteenth birthday and usually, after the party that we do every year, I put a note on the door of his room with the word “Gynecologist. Tomorrow, 9.30 am”. Of course, every time the doctor asks for permission to Deyjah to share the information and each time I say to my daughter “little, signing the consent form. Or is there something that you would not want me to know?”.

So T. I. will discourage the suitors

When the conductors have tried to make this to the T. I. that there are other ways to break the hymen even without sex, the rapper is not in arrears: “When the doctor starts to tell me this thing, I say: ‘Listen doc, my daughter is not riding a horse, does not ride a bike and not doing sports, please check only the hymen and give me response quickly. Then I can say that now her hymen is still intact”. The statements of the american rapper have sparked a predictable storm. The man was accused of holding captive the daughter, 18-year-old, putting on her excessive control. But the man has defended himself, saying he was convinced that the daughter one day will thank and warning the suitors “because there is no fun. Who wants a virgin? Really, all that work”. A conclusion that might make one think of a provocation. Or at least it is hoped.