If Kylie Jenner is dating the ex of Rihanna


Behind her, Drake has a string of endless ex: Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Bella Hadid, the network of the rapper would have remained tangled up in October 2017, before a text message of a few words put an end to her dreams of love. Drake is a womanizer, to whom the gossip, in the United States, has attributed a new conquest. But, between the pages of the chronicles, the pink, understand who is prey and who is hunter is the result how ever difficult.

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At the other end of the new pole of love, there would, in fact, Kylie Jenner, the little house Kardashian, who, calm and quiet, just a few weeks after I left the father of his Flocks, Travis Scott, he pointed to Drake. The two would come to the birthday party of the rapper, celebrated on the 24th of October last. “Kylie has spent all the time close to him and to his friends: rappava and danced with her friends while he was at the side of the Drake passage and although you may not have danced together, there seemed to be a special connection between them”, gave a anonymous to UsWeekly, the day after the party.”Joking around together, and Kylie laughed, they seemed to be very happy and in a good mood. She and Drake were at ease, it seemed there was the attraction,” continued the source, whose words on Wednesday were confirmed by a second, and equally anonymous, source.

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“Drake and Kylie have spent time together recently, they are friends a lot and Drake is close to her family”, it was reported to People from one of the many moles of house Kardashian. The two eleven-year age difference, they would seriously. But confirmations on the part of the interested parties do not arrive. What remains, in the laps of the gossip, it is the passion of Kylie Jenner the rapper, to Travis Scott, Tyga , and, today, it would seem, Drake. The same Drake who, in the past, it is mocked up with Kanye West for the follow too much to the profile of Kim Kardashian.


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