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Ilaria D’Amico, Gigi Buffon Wedding: Story of Marriage Proposal

A Decade of Love Story: Ilaria d’Amico and Gianluigi Buffon

A lit fireplace. Romantic music in the background. Dim lights to create the atmosphere. And a man we imagine kneeling with a box in his hand from which a suspicious sparkle emerges, in the most classic of love clichés. Who wouldn’t dream of such a marriage proposal? To get it, sometimes you have to wait ten years of relationship, a child (who joins the other three of a modern extended family) and countless less romantic proposals, arrived as a banal conversation topic during any dinner or even via whatsapp, with a bit of nostalgia from distance. At least, that’s how it went for Ilaria d’Amico, who today tells in an interview with the Corriere della Sera that she will soon marry Gianluigi Buffon, the greatest goalkeeper ever.

Postponed Plans for the Dream Wedding

Not so soon, in fact. After the romantic declaration in their house in Parma, last January, the initial plans were to get married by the summer of 2024. A perfect period to do it, if you look closely. She, fifty splendidly just completed (we just remembered it on the occasion of her birthday, republishing an interview made a few months after the birth of Leopoldo Mattia, the son she had with Buffon) is coming from the early closure of her program on Rai2 “What’s new”. Not a happy episode, certainly. On the contrary, a situation that D’Amico defines as “shocking”, given the little “modesty and respect” shown towards her as a professional. However, looking at the positive side, this unexpected goodbye would have left some free time to properly prepare the long-awaited wedding. And he too, the unforgettable national champion Gigi of the 2006 World Cup, seemed to be finally free from commitments, after having closed his goalkeeper career at the calcistically venerable age of 45. But the Azzurri and the orange flowers don’t seem to get along, and Buffon has immediately returned to the track, called by Luciano Spalletti as head of delegation of the Italian national team. So, for now, marriage postponed: “we would risk, with the Europeans, to get married in a Bavarian beerhouse … “, jokes the future bride. And it is not the case to spoil a moment so long awaited.

The Unexpected Love Story of Italian Sport

Not only in the last ten years, obviously: “I didn’t think I could be so happy and complete in my private life as I am today. Gigi represents this for me: completeness and serenity “, explained Ilaria D’Amico telling, once again, how unlikely this love was at the beginning, with the fear of falling into the cliché of the beautiful sports journalist who falls in love with the successful footballer. But reality has been very different, and their love story has become one of the most beautiful love stories of Italian sport.



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