Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti are the best wishes to the son Cristian: “always With you, I love you”

No message is more sweet than that of the parents for the birthday of a child, as evidenced by the photos posted on their respective profiles Instagram by Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti. The firstborn of the couple, Cristian, born in 2005, has over 14 years of age.

The wishes of Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti

Have already passed 14 years since the former letter gave birth to the first of his three children, after her marriage with Francesco Totti. The day of the wedding, 19 June 2005, Ilary Blasi was already waiting in the small Cristian that he would be born a few months later, the six of November. Could not miss the good wishes of both parents to the “largest family”. Both the ex-captain of Rome that the host of Eurogames, wanted to remember this important day by sharing on Instagram of the shots that portray them, individually, in the company of Cristian. The mother, as the caption next to the photo that sees her embracing her little boy, he wrote “always With you…I love you”, also Totti is no less and on his profile he writes: “you Are growing up in a hurry. Happy birthday, my love!”.

The comments of fans and famous faces

A lot of the comments under the photo, written by the fans who have wanted to participate in this tender moment, or by some well-known faces from television and sport, who have reciprocated the good wishes of the first-born of a casa Totti. Ilary Blasi, to make this day even more special, has published in its stories on Instagram a few memories of when her son was little more than a newborn baby and holds him in her arms. The family celebrated together-as shown in the shot published by the ex-footballer, a portrait of the couple with their three beautiful children.

With you always …..I love you❤️

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