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Ilary Blasi, Francesco Totti: First Peaceful Gesture

The Longarina Affair

Between Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti there are still many things left in suspense, but in the complex separation between the two some knot seems (finally) untied. The first agreement reached concerns the ASD Sports Society owned by the former footballer, which is located in Ostia Antica. It includes a Soccer School, soccer fields and a paddle court, all managed in recent years by Silvia Blasi, older sister of the presenter. Last April, the judge of the VI Leasing Section of the Rome Tribunal had ordered an executive eviction starting from June 30; according to a newspaper, Ilary Blasi would have returned the keys of the sports center to Totti’s lawyers in advance, precisely to avoid further problems with the ex.

Debt and Separation

The recent history of the Sports Society has inevitably intertwined with that of the divorce between the presenter and the former Pupone. Mainly due to a debt, not paid (for Totti) more than legitimate for the Blasis. According to the latter, in fact, during the pandemic the former athlete had decided not to ask the company of his sister-in-law for rent for the fields; after the separation from Ilary, however, there would have been a change of gear, with the request for arrears for 170 thousand euros. After a first attempt at an agreement, then failed, Francesco Totti decided to proceed by legal means, with the aim of regaining possession of the sports facility as soon as possible.

A New Beginning?

In recent weeks, moreover, for Totti and his family it would have been impossible to access the sports fields, closed by padlocks; a damage also for the frequenters of the facilities and for the regular development of sports activities. Is Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi going towards thawing? Too early, perhaps, to say. Certainly, the Sports Society affair is an important first step to leave behind the tensions and turn, finally, the page. A possible new beginning, for everyone.



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