Incredible Talent in the battle of the jury : Cecilia and Novel announce good news

Aerial acrobats, Cécile and Novel had captivated the audience of La France has an incredible talent in 2015. Back to The battle of the jury, the couple was very much valued in five years, both in his professional life and in intimacy.

Spin-off of France has an incredible talent, The battle of the jury allows the return of former candidates highlights selected by Eric Anthony, Sugar Sammy, Hélène Ségara and Marianne James. The viewers, who have already been able to find figures such as Jean-Baptiste Guegan, will return this Tuesday, June 30, Cécile Magdeleine and Roman Bonaton. Couple to the city as the scene, Cecile and Roman had shone in 2015 : they had reached the final of the season 10 and finished in fourth position. The duo of acrobats, specializing in straps in the air, was also marked due to a big technical problem. At the end of their number, the finale, the lovers were left stranded several metres above the ground without a harness. In an interview with Nice-Matin, Roman says that he did ” not ” have marked the jury to the point of being contacted to this new format. And yet, Eric Antoine was really to get them back on M6 !

Large changes in side pro… and side personal !

The couple “really appreciate” Eric Antoine, and this is more than reciprocal. The juror, a fan of their work, was even come to see them on stage outside of the show. Logically, it is he who has thought of them for this Battle of the jury. “We were very happy at first. We then had a little fright because we had to rework a new number. It’s been two years that we propose the same for The paradis latin in Paris. And the production we had been asked to propose two “, told Roman to Nice-Matin. With Cecile, they provide an attraction in the journal bird Paradise of Kamel Ouali. The shooting – which took place before the containment – was asked to work a lot more than usual : “The days were very busy. We continued our evening at the Paradis latin during this period. Then we arranged with the production to turn the emissions in the afternoon. And in the morning, we repeats the program number. We had a double day. “

Outside of an appearance in 2018 in The biggest cabaret in the world, Cécile and Novel have not been on television in recent years. But their career has continued to advance ! They have made coaching air for Dancing with the stars, and participated in several magazines and in prestigious halls such as le Lido, and the Folies Bergères. A professional development, to which was added a great change in their life as a couple. “ We became parents , “said Roman, Nice-Matin. What further strengthen a little more of their chemistry on stage. Between that and the five years of additional work, Cecile and Roman arrive in the battle of The jury members with serious advantages. “We were a little children, making France has an incredible talent, explained Roman. Here, we are adults with more maturity in our work, and professionally. “