Inès (Koh Lanta 2020) pushes a rant against those who “dévalisent the equipment” needed by the hospitals

Inès decided to make a big bet with its users. The candidate Koh-Lanta is very upset and she did know about the story of his account Instagram.

Inès is on the front line with patients, while France is currently in containment. Nurse of profession, the candidate of this last season of Koh-Lanta, therefore, is in the heart of the galleys, and concerns of health professionals. And the adventurer knows so much more of what she is talking about since she has recently been in contact with a patient suffering. “When you’re sick, that you suspect to have the coronavirus, but as you say that not in spite of the symptoms, but at the same time, your work calls you to tell you that you have been in contact with a patient positive for the virus and that they were not aware of it… “, she had entrusted on his account Instagram.

A big focus

If the young adventurer has not given its new, it has in any case pushed a big rant on the story of his account Instagram. The candidate of the tribe yellow has wanted to remind you of the basic rules and common sense to some of its users. “Stop to pick up some masks at the pharmacy and hospitals, she launched. We do not have to the hospital to work with patients contaminated. You are amazing, you put me out of me ! Stay home and stop going to rob the hardware we need. “A call is understandable then that many employees of hospitals are struggling to exercise in the observance of the safety instructions.

But Ines has also had a little thought for all of its subscribers confined to and respectful of the drastic measures imposed by the government. “Well, I yelled about people who don’t listen but I would still like to thank all those who have taken this situation seriously, who are united to enforce the rules, and who support the nursing staff. Thank you so much “, she added. Messages that should be heard.