Infected by the coronavirus, Charlelie Couture tells us about his tough fight against the disease

Charlelie Couture has been contaminated by the Covid-19. The singer of 64 years was at length entrusted to his fans in a message ripping, where it tells of the ordeal he has lived through these last days and speaks of his hope to regain health.

The coronavirus spares no one : to be a crowned head as the prince Albert or an artist known to all as Michel Boujenah does not give extra chance for escape. The singer Charlelie Couture can testify to : on march 26, he announced to his followers on Facebook have been taken “by the Covid-19 :” I have the impression to write a chronicle of science fiction, but no, it is the reality. I cross my fingers like a sailor every time the night comes, and yet, as a skipper, I tell myself that it is just a cap to spend, a cape of Good Hope… Tomorrow it is certain, tomorrow life will change… ” If the musician of 64 years had, so far documented in a very regular its confinement, he suddenly disappeared from the social networks during the six days after this revelation. What to arouse concerns, to which he finally responded this Wednesday, April 1, in a new post very moving.

Charlelie Couture narrates her ordeal with the Covid-19

From the beginning, Charlelie Couture announced that he had spent eight days and night “terrible” since the first symptoms, and that his condition had worsened on the 26th of march last : “just after he posted the last post, then like a stone in the water, I started to sink. Days without end, at the bottom of the hole. Unable to nothing. Even more to remain seated. Even to get up. Of days in the thirty-sixth below. “These difficult times, the singer had told them frankly :” The two electronic thermometer ranged from 38.4° to 39.8°. Headaches, spasms and tremblotements, the body loose and the neck which cracks, a nail between the shoulder blades, balls, soft, gag, the complexion pallid, when I try to exit the room, I wander like a zombie. I do not know where I am. “With heavy symptoms which are added the visions of despair that have affected his morale :” Many nights, I’ve raved and seen death in the face, say not, three-quarters. “

IF Charlelie Couture is good, this fight against the disease is exhausting : “It’s been years that I haven’t experienced an event so difficult. Focused on myself, I have lost my bearings, he entrusted on Facebook. I am ashamed to be so bad. I avoid showing myself to my own. “For days, the artist has been too weak to return to speak on the social networks. But this Wednesday the 1st of April, he was finally “better damn-well that the” sleep mode ” and found the energy to give new. “The doctor sent me a prescription for antibiotics to “protect the lungs” and here’s the result : I found today my keyboard to write these few lines, he posted. Normally, it should be good. If I’m not whipping by a return of the tail of this virus of the Devil, I may have crossed the line. “This is everything we wished him.

4: 30 in the morning, I may finally be past the cap. April 1st, this is not a joke, proof : I get up. Only in…

Posted by CharlElie Couture on Wednesday, April 1, 2020