Insults to the companies that they work with Sara Affi Fella, she cries: “you Expect me emarginino”

Sara Affi Fella has published a long rant on Instagram addressed to her hater. The former tronista complained that she was forced to stop yet another professional collaboration because of the insults that the companies that choose it as a testimonial they receive from those who have not forgotten the scandal that bears his name and which dates back over a year ago. In tears, Sara has asked to be left in peace.

The tears of Sara Affi Fella

According to Sara, the public apology already made would not have been enough. It is for this reason that, overcome by anger, he is dissolved in tears, and has insulted those who still flock to him with hatred: “another person who worked with me received messages like the one I just posted. Were defollowati. According to some, the people can’t be wrong and can’t change. They must be marginalized. I was the first perpetrator of myself. I was wrong, I admitted my faults and I have apologized. There is someone else that if you washed your hands and is past as what is not, but this I’m not interested and don’t want to talk about. I talk about myself and what I messed up”.

The insults to the hater

The former tronista is back on his personal story, the hoax, conceived and brought forth in the tv up to the moment in which it is twisted against: “What I’ve created has brought me so much hate and it was my fault, but I have asked in all the languages of the world, everywhere. After a while, you just. Instead, you continue. You want to make a regulated? You don’t know what you can do, don’t you realize”. The voice it cracks when it is addressed directly to the hater, insultandoli in turn and, finishing pungolarli still:

It is a year that I feel throw mer** (here she cries, ndr) and by anyone. I have to be here to hear from people who tell me that there is people that writes and then can’t work with me. For what? For a mistake? Agree, I was wrong but now it is enough. This is not more work. I admitted my mistakes, but I’m really tired. What there is in your pocket to write to companies? Go to fan***.