INTERVIEW – Eric (Koh-lanta 2020) eliminated : “I stayed true to myself”

This Friday, may 22, Eric arrived last to the test of dominoes and has therefore been eliminated. With the benefit of hindsight, this dad is very proud of having remained faithful to his image, and dream only of one thing : redo Koh-Lanta !

Eric Koh-Lanta, the island of heroes



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Smiling, active on the camp and always in a good mood, the name of Eric had been several times mentioned during the candidates of Koh-Lanta, for the advice. But it is always passed through the meshes of the net, and was eventually eliminated by losing on the race of the dominoes this Friday, may 22. He tells us about his experience of the adventure, its relations with the other candidates, and his (few) regrets.

How was your confinement ?

It went quite well. I have not stopped working, even if I had very very little work. We stayed open because we had to repair the cars of people who needed to go to work. We applied the gestures barriers. We saw from afar, one does not say hello … They were very careful. In the evening, when I came home, I was doing the necessary to do not pass on the virus to my children.

Is your wife, and your children, are proud of in your career ?

They are proud of, it can be seen in the eyes of my children on Friday. They watch the episode several times per week, they talk to me … Even if they are small, they are delighted. Even my two big ones are proud of their father, because I stayed true to myself, I haven’t done a story, I’m always in a good mood … So yes, they are proud of their father.

You have been very angry at the last immunity challenge, why ?

Claude had said that if he won this race, he would give me his collar. So I think that made me a little stressed. So I got on this race with a lot of pressure, telling me that I should not lose. I am a ball of nerves, so games of patience, this is not my forte. I got to arm the heart, and I lost patience. The more I went, the more I énervais and I was tired. I was stopped once or twice to calm me down because I was really down in voltage. I have had to calm me down, to blow and take my time. But I didn’t. I have not been able to manage.

When Claude announced that he wanted to give you his immunity necklace if he won the race, how have you responded ?

It was a pleasure ! Even if at the beginning he voted against me … But after I appreciated more and more. We spent good times together ! I was proud, I thanked him because I opened the doors for orientation.

What did you feel, realizing that you were eliminated at the gates of the orientation ?

I’m wanted a lot. And I still want it ! I’m a winner, I don’t like losing but I am a good loser. But somewhere, it is a satisfaction to me to be disposed of myself, rather than having been disposed of by votes. I still have my torch, nobody was eliminated ! And since the time that they wanted to eliminate me, they are not arrived … It is a satisfaction.

At this stage of the game, which candidate would you like to see win ? Why ?

Naoil and Claude. Naoil, because it is a good person. This is someone who manages his or her emotions, who knows how to take time, who knows how to speak to others, that was very high on the tests. Claude also, it is an ancient hero ! It is strong and strategist.

A lot of the candidates this season have received threats on the social networks, you think what of it all ?

It is necessary to stop all of this, it is no matter what. We do not have the right to hurt people like they do. I’ve had very, very few threats, and it affected me. Especially my wife, more than me. They do not have the right ! It is necessary that it stops.

People are making fun of you because you have made an error in writing the first name of Jessica. How have you responded ?

Me, on the boards, I was always on the move. I was so stressed to the council that, when I arrived, and that I wanted to write the first name of Jessica, I knew nothing more. I didn’t know how it was written ! So, you people don’t understand that we are stressed, and that can make spelling mistakes at this time … for me, it is a c**s. We are stressed, it is not our natural state. Anyway I didn’t pay any attention to what they said. I was looking at the good comments and the bad I leave them aside.

Have you kept in contact with the other candidates ?

I kept in contact with everyone. There are people that I call more than others. As Pholien, I call it often. I had Ahmad it was not long ago, Sam also … I have been Governed, for the support a little bit. It is important to take small new, wonder how it’s going … I keep in touch with all the world, I am not someone who makes trouble so I get along well with everyone.

Teheiura has become a father for the fourth time, you have called it ?

We have all sustained, it was all sent small messages. Teheiura it is a brave person, it is a beautiful person ! And then we did things together when we had been both eliminated. We did some fishing, we laughed … Teheiura it is such a nice person.

Do you have any regrets about your adventure ?

I think I did a great adventure. After that, I think that it might not be caused by eliminate Teheiura at the start, and you might be arrived at reunification with a hero. We Ca changed the adventure ! Because having eliminated Teheiura, Claude and Jessica we have turned away from arriving at the reunification. I think we would have made another adventure if we had kept it. Apart from that I have made a nice adventure, I went as far away as possible. I’m the last of the red, I am very happy with where I arrived.

Would you like to try Koh-Lanta ?

Yes, no problem. Tomorrow they call me, I am Koh-Lanta. Me when I go to do something, it is to win. I’m a winner, so I would have liked to go on the poles. If I do a second time Koh-Lanta, it is to go on the poles. The only regret I have is not to me be prepared enough. I worked until the last day, and I think that if I had taken a week of hindsight, I would have brought a little more peace of mind.