Interview excluded – Claudia (Koh-Lanta 2020), eliminated because of injury : “Inwardly, I am ruined “

This Friday, 21 February, TF1 gave the kick-off to the new season of Koh-Lanta, the island of heroes. An adventure to be shorter than expected for Claudia, who was forced to abandon due to injury. The young woman confides to Here about his experience.

Claudia had to be at the top of this new edition of Koh-Lanta. Yet, it is the first eliminated. This Friday, February 21, Denis Brogniart resumed service for the season, called The island of heroes. At 21 years old, student in communication is a real traveller. What she loves, it is adventure. Then, inevitably, Koh-Lanta was made for it. It would have even had to be a part of the fun. But fate has decided otherwise. Going to fetch water for his team, Claudia twisted the ankle. An injury is taken very seriously by the production process and which has, therefore, been forced to abandon. Claudia returns to Here about that experience necessarily too short for his taste.

You’re not too disappointed with this course express ?

Claudia : It is an understatement to say that I am disappointed. It is a journey of flash, frustrating, and full of bitterness, of course. It is hard to digest especially as it is my thing, the trip. It is something that defines me.

That happened exactly ?

Something of a beast. It is really the fault with no luck. I’ve twisted my ankle, while I do not hurt myself ever. This is really the injury idiot that can happen at any moment. No luck for me, it happened at that time. While walking, I turned round, it lasted a fraction of a second, my foot rotates towards the inside, and I made myself a sprain.

At what point do you meet the doctor ?

I meet first with the nurse-paramedic, because it is more close to the camp. It is he who is all the time available and that you can call at any time. I was immediately taken care of with an ice bag and elevated my foot to keep my ankle swells up. But it is a sprain, so there’s not much you can do, if not the rest. I have not had luck, but I was immediately and well taken care of.

The doctor was therefore instantly made the decision to put an end to your adventure ?

I first spent the night, to see if it désenfle, if in reality it would be a strain, not a sprain. And unfortunately this was not the case. The next day, the axe fell. The doctor I was examined and gave his verdict on Denis Brogniart, who told me with the other candidates.

What happens in your head when you ad ?

We are trying to keep face in front of everyone, but inside, it collapses because it is a deep sense of personal failure. I was not my first adventure. I had traveled before Koh-Lanta. I had made the crossing of the Indies alone. I am in New Zealand for several months. And I was never nothing happened. I had considered all the possible scenarios for Koh-Lanta. The first being that I won the victory, and the second that I found I was eliminated by my classmates. But certainly not to go out on a injury medical. This wasn’t even a possibility, it didn’t even crossed my mind. But unfortunately, this is what happened to me.

“It does not contradict the decision of the doctor “

Have you tried to convince the doctor in spite of everything ?

When I’ve twisted my ankle, I felt that something wasn’t right. And it does not contradict the decision of the physician. When you sign for Koh-Lanta, we know that there are two things that are irrevocable : the votes of the other candidates and the decision of the physician. Therefore, we do not seek to contradict, we signed, we know the rules of the game and unfortunately, it has not done for me.

What happens then to you ? Have you been able to attend the race immunity, or you go directly in France ?

Not at all, I do not have the right to attend the immunity challenge. I return immediately to the infirmary to take care of me. After that, I spent a radio in Fiji to be sure that there was nothing broken. And after, back to Paris, and recovery. I put a good month before well walk again and almost two before they run properly.

You are a student and the filming began in early may, how have you justified your absence ?

I have a faculty who was very understanding and a manager very accomodating. And I had the chance that it falls in a period of my schooling where I had practically no more current. I’ve only missed a few hours, and for the final exams, I’ve been catching up, instead of passing at the moment T. Therefore, it has not changed much.

How your family reacted to your participation in Koh-Lanta ?

My mother and my brother were in on the joke. They to me have told that this adventure suited me well. But they have supported me and said to just go for it.

Are you ready to start the adventure ?

When I got home, my mother said to me : “This is not serious, I know that you may go your way “. And she’s right, I finished my studies in June so end of June, I think I will have my backpack on my shoulders, ready to set out again of more beautiful. When I was in New Zealand, I met someone who had crossed Alaska in the canoe and I told myself that it was a real challenge, something pretty crazy. It is my goal for the past two years. So I intend to go there in a few months.