Interview excluded – Joseph (Koh-Lanta 2020) : “I gave them a valid reason to eliminate me “

This Friday, 21 February, TF1 gave the kick-off to the new season of Koh-Lanta, the island of heroes. After all the members of his team to back, without surprise, Joseph has been the first eliminated at the end of the Board. The young man confides in Here on his experience.

A character that is far from unanimous. This Friday, February 21, Denis Brogniart was held to kick off the new season of Koh-Lanta on TF1. And the least we can say is that this first episode was full of twists and turns. In particular, in the red. In addition to the abandonment of medical Claudia, these latter have faced a Joseph reassembled like a cuckoo clock. Resourceful, this young man of 27 years made sparks. It is therefore unanimously agreed that Joseph has been eliminated. A sentence that is irrevocable. It is up to Here on his experience with lightning speed.

I guess you have not been surprised by your elimination…

Joseph : No, because it is I who have justified.

You feel invested with a mission : to make the fire. Why have you imposed such pressure ?

I made the fire because there was no one in the team who cares. All the world had on each other. I wanted to do, simply to have the fire on the camp. Except that on the second day, I was accused of having lied and did not know how to make fire. So I wanted to prove to them but I had no fuel. It was a piece of rotten wood. And on the third day, it was to try to save my skin.

From the beginning, you were convinced to be eliminated, what left you thinking about it ?

Because I spent time trying to make the fire. During this time, the other created affinities. I have not had the time to mingle, make alliances, unlike them.

Yet, without this history, it is Ahmad who seemed to be on the hot seat…

No, because her talent is to be friendly. To be someone with whom you want to be friend. It was his strong point. He was a friend of all the world. There was no chance for it to be eliminated.

Despite the fact that he does not know how to swim and makes you lose the immunity challenge ? No one wanted it ?

No. Finally, I don’t want to talk in the place of others, but I don’t think.

“If it was to do over again, I would do it again immediately “

You even went so far as to hide the bamboo and extinguish the fire that you had put three days to turn on. Why have exploded as well ?

I didn’t explode. This was not a blow of anger. It was well thought out. I learned that I was going to be eliminated for sure. There was no valid reason for that I so, then I’ve given a.

At the Council, you have said to have taken a perverse pleasure in extinguishing the fire. It was for the cause last time ?

I was dying with laughter. I didn’t realise that I was leaving Koh-Lanta. It is my personality. I had a bit of bitterness towards them. If it was to do over again, I would do it immediately.

You referiez really all the same ?

No, I would leave it to peel in the cold. I wouldn’t mind the fire. I would touch nothing. You don’t know how to do it ? Nevermind, this is stupid !

What memories do you keep from this adventure ?

Good meeting with Claudia, it is a good person. A scenario test pretty impressive. The enormity of the events. It really takes passionate people to build events like this. After that, I don’t know. I’ve only known person on the island so I have nothing to say about them.

And so, you don’t attend THE surprise of this season : the return of the heroes…

Yes, I would have liked to confront me with the heroes, and learn from them especially.

This adventure remains a disappointment to you ?

Yes, it’s still a disappointment. We do not come to Koh-Lanta for stringing beads. It is a bit boring. I’m of complicated nature. My very close family had imagined this scenario. They told me : “You will be very good on the tests but socially speaking, you won’t be a lick-boot “. I am 27 years old, and I am who I am. You take me as I am.