Ion Aramendi imitates Asraf Beno and wears a loincloth live!


The Mythical Table of Temptations

Last week, the contestants of ‘Survivors 2023’ faced the mythical table of temptations, where they were offered one of their greatest desires in exchange for a sacrifice. Asraf Beno had been expressing his desire to eat an XXL kebab for days, so they proposed (and he accepted) that he wear a loincloth all week… now, after Carlos Sobera’s challenge, Ion Aramendi has been the next one!

Ion Aramendi’s Challenge

The presenter of ‘Conexión Honduras’ already responded to his colleague on social networks after the proposal he made live. “I’m looking at models… I’ll get you one too” he joked. This Sunday, the one from San Sebastián announced that he was going to fulfill his challenge by welcoming Kiko Matamoros, who was making his first television appearance after his wedding with Marta López Álamo: “Kiko’s loincloth for the wedding night is the one I’m going to wear”. Ion surprised everyone after returning from the commercial break, a moment he took advantage of to prepare himself. “Carlos Sobera, here I am,” he exclaimed while the audience cheered for him to take off the sheet he was covering himself with. Here you can see the moment! To the disappointment of many, underneath the towel he was wearing rolled up pants and the loincloth on top of them. “What did you think, that you were going to see my beautiful butt?” he asked laughing. He then also encouraged his colleague to follow in his footsteps in the next program: “Carlos Sobera, I hope you put on the loincloth too on Tuesday”.

Ion’s Response to the Disappointment

“Total disappointment, Ion we knew you were going to come out without a loincloth…” commented Gema Aldón. “Come on, please, I have a family, I have three children who are not watching today but are watching me at home…” he replied. Later, on social media, he also joked with his followers and said “I have always said that I was going to wear a loincloth, and that’s what I did, did you think I was going to come out naked… I win dressed, take my advice, thank you for being there!”. Now, what everyone wants to know is… will Carlos Sobera accept Ion Aramendi’s challenge?


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