Iris Mittenaere unbearable during the confinement ? His beloved Diego El Glaoui balance

This Tuesday, may 12, Iris Mittenaere and Diego El Glaoui were the guests of Camille Combal in Who wants to be a millionaire ” on TF1. The two lovebirds have taken the opportunity to reveal that they sometimes had a lot of support for the containment.

Camille Combal is déconfiné ! After having hosted Who wants to be a millionaire since his paris apartment, the host of TF1, has found the way to the tv studios, while its guests are in video conferencing. This Tuesday, may 12, this are Iris Mittenaere and Diego El Glaoui, which are loaned to the game, for the benefit of the women’s Foundation, which fights against domestic violence. Guests who were visibly pleased with theanimator, who has not missed an opportunity to spoof. “But it is the kingdom of the beautiful kids “, he started discovering the two lovebirds, before you compare them to Beckham. “You’re much too beautiful the two of you make a wonderful couple,” enthuses Camille Combal, which noted a downside : “but Diego, you do we do not upside down, the cap to hide the cup of containment, one knows the technique “, has fun there in reference to his blond hair.

“Diego sometimes want to throw myself out the window “

Completely under the spell of Iris Mittenaere, the one who is married to a certain Mary believes that the déconfinement is bad news for Diego El Glaoui. “Diego, it is confined with Miss Universe, he wants the containment never happens “, he says. And bid : “On 11 may, it was bad news for him. When he learned of the may 11, he said : ‘No, he must stay until the 11th of June, guys ! It should not be déconfiner’ “. This has not left it of marble are the main interested parties. They were hilarious, Iris Mittenaere and Diego El Glaoui had exchanged a look a bit embarrassed. “Frankly, I don’t know “, ends up conceding Iris Mittenaere. “There, it is kind, but sometimes it wants to throw me by the window “, she says with a laugh. Neither one nor two, his dear and loving took the opportunity to acquiesce. “From time to time, I would have liked to be on the 11th of April “, lance-t-he with a sense of humor. One understands better why the father of Iris Mittenaere is not a big fan of her son-in-law. Nevertheless, it must be said that containment was a difficult time in life for many. And the couples are especially scrutinized during this period, which would tend to break a lot of households.