Is Beatrice De Masi, the single that Pietro Delle Piane is said to have kissed at Temptation Island 2020

It’s called Beatrice De Masi, the single that has eluded the cameras of Temptation Island 2020 to be able to spend time with Peter Of the Plane without being shot. The companion Antonella Elia, after having been entertained for a few minutes with her, he told Lorenzo Amoruso, boyfriend, Manila Nazzaro, to have kissed the single. A piece of news that hit like a missile, Antonella, safe to come out unscathed from the program along with his partner (whose Wikipedia page was vandalized while Temptation Island was in crisis, with the companion).

Beatrice close to Alessandro Medici before she left Temptation Island

Model roman, Beatrice is 27 years old and already followed on Instagram. His profile has a population of about 20 thousand followers. Before approaching Peter, with which it is output to the dinner just before the well-known time consumes itself between the two away from the cameras, had established a special relationship with Alessandro Medici, the partner of Sofia Calesso, but the pair abandoned the program after just 5 days. Only then did the unexpected agreement with Peter.

Who is Beatrice De Masi, a model and a single di Temptation Island 2020

The ongoing Temptation Island 2020 is the first television experience relevant to Beatrice. In the past, however, the model had attempted to break into the entertainment world, participating in the 2012 edition of “Showgirls,” conducted by Ezio Greggio. It is the single, unavoidable requirement to take part in the recording of the format in the role of temptress, but she lived a long love story with Daniele Di Amato, a popular pilot. Model and influencer, Beatrice works as witnessed in a doctor’s office and is the owner of an online shop. Has not yet declared anything about the four would have happened with Pietro Delle Piane, but the images shown with Antonella Elia) have spurred the showgirl to believe ended its love story.