Isa Pantoja and Alma Bollo Face Off: Is Their Good Cousin Relationship Over?


Family Fights During ‘Survivors’

Alma Bollo, the last contestant of ‘Survivors’ to be expelled from the reality show, has already been able to have a first contact with the outside reality, since she has heard about the discussions that her mother Raquel Bollo and her cousin Isa Pantoja have had during the broadcast of the program. These constant fights have caused Alma to react when she found out, and in a live broadcast, she faced Isa Pantoja to address this discussion.

Alma Bollo’s Reaction

After explaining how she felt during the competition, Raquel Bollo’s daughter was able to see the images of the discussion between her mother and Isa Pantoja and was very clear with her opinion. Alma Bollo and Isa Pantoja shared some words live. The daughter of Isabel Pantoja began her speech by admitting that each party had defended their own: “Your mother has defended you and I Asraf, this is the reality, there is no show. It is something that you have lived there and we have been defending our positions. I will wait for you to come to the studio so that you can see everything and talk, and the only thing I have maintained about your competition so far is that I have not understood some of your behaviors towards Asraf”. Alma, for her part, responded by clarifying that what happened with Asraf should stay between the two of them: “It is something we lived here, that you do not live there. You know perfectly well how this is, not all the feelings we have here are transferred there. I already told you at the time that what I had with Asraf was with him, I understand that he is your partner and to my mother because we are her children “.

Alma Bollo’s Pride

In addition, she assured that she feels very proud of the competition she has done: “I am very proud of where I have arrived, of what I have done and if this was the price I had to pay to reach the final, I thank you for taking me to these heights because what I have seen seems like a circus in which I will not enter. Whatever I have to talk to you about, I will do it as I have always done, I am not going to fight with anyone in my family in a studio”, she concluded.


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