Isa Pantoja & Manuel Cortés: Showdown Live


Tense Confrontation

Last night, the set of ‘Conexión Honduras’ experienced one of the most tense confrontations in recent memory. The entrance of Manuel Cortés after his hospital stay was full of reproaches and tension. On the other side of the “ring”, Isa Pantoja, defender of her boyfriend, Asraf, with whom the contestant had more than one loud fight. The tension between the two cousins did not take long to come out, especially after Ion highlighted the name of Isa’s fiance.

Family Ties

While the collaborator reproached her cousin for giving a different version of the big fight they had on the island at that moment, he crossed into the family terrain, and reproached Isa for not calling him when his father, Chiquetete, died in 2018. “I was about to die in a hospital and you didn’t call me. And my father has died and you didn’t call me,” the singer told Isabel Pantoja’s daughter.

Fuel to the Fire

Isa and Manuel have had a difficult confrontation in ‘Supervivientes’. “I can’t reproach you for that, because I’ve also needed you in many moments and you’ve taken sides with someone else who has also done me a lot of harm. This is not our personal life, this is a contest,” the young woman replied, referring to Manuel Cortés’s close friendship with his other cousin, Kiko Rivera. Far from trying to pacify the moment, the entrance of Raquel Bollo meant pouring gasoline on a fire that was already alive. Manuel and Alma’s mother had no qualms about attacking her niece, directly accusing her of ruining her son’s contest: “She ruined your contest,” she said, visibly nervous, pointing to Isa and shouting at her that her son was “doubling up” on her.


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